Barebones, Call Out to Artists and Submission Protocol!

Barebones Update!
Submission protocol and important dates!
My intention is to make this as efficient and easy on myself (Committee of One) and the artists. To submit work please ensure that each piece of art work has a typed or printed card attached securely to the back with the following information; Name, Title, Medium, Price (keep in mind that the consignment fee is 35%). Also provide a separate document with your contact information, typed or printed; Name, mailing address, email address, phone number and again the Title, Medium, and Price of each submitted piece of work. No work will be accepted without the aforementioned information provided. Submissions are accepted by scheduling a day and time with Me on the following dates; June 23 & 24 between Noon and 4pm (the last appointment scheduled). All work will be juried. No cost to submit and you may submit several pieces! All work must be for sale. 35% consignment fee if sold. Opening Night is July 7 at 7pm! Be sure to invite your friends and family! The Exhibit runs through Sunday, July 23. Please plan to pick up your work July 28 (between noon and 6). If any of these dates are inconvenient for you please let Me know and I will try to accommodate your schedule. Please note that I am fully insured. I am so excited to hang this exhibit and party with you all!

Call out to artists for Barebones

A working artists’ studio that includes a gallery exhibiting more than 27 artists.