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Culpeper Walls! Project to Paint Murals on Buildings in Culpeper!

3Culpeper Walls! Update! 

It was very difficult to choose just one from the twelve amazing submissions we received!  The Design Committee’s selected submission for this RFP was based not only on artistry, but also the image that resonated with this particular wall and its location.  Since the submissions were so strong, we are holding several on file to be considered for the 2nd wall this year and future walls.  Our goal is to install 2 each year!   The awarded artist and image will be announced next week via a press release.  Thank you so much to all the artists who submitted artwork for consideration.  We were blown away by the talent in our area!  Culpeper Walls! is alive and very much still in play!  Stay tuned for more opportunities to come!



Be Very Excited!  This is a great opportunity for artists to                     Be Creative, Make Money and Gain Recognition! 

The Culpeper Renaissance Inc. and arts a’loft (the non-profit wing of the Loft) have joint ventured to bring art boldly into our community!
Depending on your design, you could make as much as $5K!  Scaffolding, paint, rollers, brushes, drop cloths, building preparation, UV varnishes and graffiti protection (and the application of the last two) is all provided by CRI/arts a’loft.  Volunteers are available to help you duplicate your art installation onto the building site; either through projection or grids lines.  What you need?  An award-winning ORIGINAL design, liability insurance and able to complete the installation on time.  Further, you get tons of marketing associated with this endeavor; website, facebook, newspapers, live on-site interactions, award and dedication ceremonies.  Lots of recognition.  Worried that you don’t have what it takes to handle a project this large?  Good.  Don’t go it alone.  If you have a good idea, seek other artists to form a ‘team’ to submit the RFP.  No ideas, but eager to participate?  Start networking with other artists to seek ideas and form your own ‘team’.  Our goal is to create at least 2 murals a year in Culpeper.  Consider that even if one does not win
the award this time, designs may be shelved for the next year!

Be part of the dynamic growth of the arts in Culpeper.  

  • Read the RFP carefully!
  • Submit ONLY completed RFPs.  Review before Submitting.  Incomplete RFPs will not be considered.
  • Make sure your designs are carefully and completely developed to give the ‘layman’s eyes’ a good sense of your design and how it fits on the building side.
  • PLEASE NOTE THIS: the red lined rectangle on the selected building in the RFP does NOT delineate just using the space within that rectangle!…your design can completely dominate the entire building side if you wish.  Consider that the building mural will be observed by mostly motorists first!

Click here for CRI page and RFP!